My Groom, My Bride: Chapter 63


Medyo napasarap si Julie sa pagsho-shower kaya naman ng maalala niyang hindi pa niya napapainom ng gatas si Bullet ay dali-dali siyang tumakbo papalabas ng cr pagkatapos niyang isuot ang kanyang bathrobe.


“Ssssh.” Natigilan siya sa pagtakbo papunta kay Bullet ng makita niya si Elmo na pinapadede ito habang hinihele. Nakasuot pa ng corporate attire si Elmo ng mga oras na iyon, at para sa kanya tatay na tatay ang dating nito. “Sige na maligo ka na ulit.”


“Hindi na tapos na ako.” Inayos ni Julie ang robe na suot niya sabay harap sa salamin na malapit sa kanya.


Julie stared at Elmo’s reflection in the mirror. She had always been attracted to Elmo.  She certainly would never have admitted it to her husband simply because she doesn’t want to. In the past few days her feelings for Elmo had started to grow again but she always denied it out loud. Her heart would be screaming ‘I’m in love with you, Elmo’, while her lips spoke of ‘I want to have some space between us’.


“Kumain ka na?” She said while she was drying her wet hair with the towel.


“Oo, kanina sa office. I texted you not to cook for me right?”


“Alam ko, tinatanong ko lang naman.” Mataray na sambit niya.


“Galit ka na naman?”


“Hindi ah.” Natigilan siya ng saglit. “Elmo salamat pala sa mga bagong gamit na binili mo kay Bullet.”


“Wala yun.” Ibinaba niya ng dahan-dahan si Bullet sa crib ng mapansin niyang tulog na tulog na ito. Tinapik niya lang ito ng kaunti ng gumalaw at pagkatapos ay iniwan niya na ito para makapagpalit na siya ng damit.


Pilit niyang iniiwas ang focus niya kay Julie kasi since she had opened their bathroom’s door, he had been listening to her accelerated heartbeat and smelling the flowery scent of her shampoo.


Elmo had breathed deeply to take in her scent. When she started to turn towards her closet to get dressed, Elmo held tight on to her arm and pulled her towards him into his arms.


Halika muna dito." He said huskily. 


His lips descended on hers as his hands slipped through her damp hair and held her close. As he kissed her mouth, his tongue traced along her lips and tasted her. She eagerly parted her lips to allow his probing tongue, leaning into his body.


Dazed by his kiss, as they parted Julie mumbled. “Elmo not now, I’m tired.”


Equally drugged by the kiss, Elmo said, “Please kahit ngayon lang.” Looking into her eyes, he continued. “Matagal ko ng gustong gawin to pero lagi mo nalang akong iniiwasan. Kahit ngayon lang Julie please?”


"Pero Elmo-"


“Please?” Pakiusap niya sa kanyang asawa.


“Elmo magigising si Bullet.” Palusot pa ni Julie para maiwasan niya ang pangte-tempt sa kanya ni Elmo. Pero wala, mukhang hindi na siya makakaiwas pa. Sa tingin palang nito sa kanya, at sa malalambing na salita nito mukhang wala na talagang pag-asa para mahindian niya si Elmo ng mga oras na iyon.


He took the time to study her eyes, her lips and her entire face in a way he never could before. His hands slid along her neck as he caressed her soft skin. His eyes glanced over her flesh exposed at the edges of the robe she wore. 


"Favorite mo ‘tong orange robe na ‘to, don’t you?" He asked teasingly.


When Elmo pointed out her robe. It was her old, comfortable robe that made her feel warm and cozy. It wasn’t the only robe she had, but she wore it when she needed that warm comforting feeling, and definitely when she didn’t need to look attractive.


"It’s just a comfortable old robe." Julie muttered, looking away.


"I think it’s sexy." Elmo grasped her hands and laced his fingers through hers, tightening his grip.


Julie snapped her head back up. “Elmo come on, alam kong luma na ‘to at alam ko rin na hindi ako sexy sa paningin mo. Please.”


His face remained serious. “It is to me, hon. You know what I have thought every time I see you wear it?”


Julie shook her head.


Elmo slid his hands along the edge of the robe where it crossed in front of her, following with his eyes. He gently curled his fingers under the fabric to touch her bare skin under the robe, caressing her warm silky flesh. 


Julie gasped with his touch and waited to hear what he had to say.


Slowly drawing his eyes away from where his hands caressed her skin, Elmo looked back up into her eyes.


"When I see you in this robe-" He talked, slowly. "I badly want to take it off you."


Julie’s heart beat rapidly and she moistened her lips with her tongue. She reached her arms around his neck and pressed her hips into his body. “I miss you.”


Elmo gasped at her contact and understanding the meaning, gently loosened her arms from around his neck and slid his hands under the shoulder of the robe. Slipping the robe from her shoulders, Elmo exposed her neck and shoulders fully to him. His lips caressed the warm skin exposed to him. He continued kissing along her shoulders as his hands slid the robe lower. Julie briefly removed her hands from his hair, letting the sleeves slip from her arms and the robe dropped to the floor.


“God Julie, I miss you.” His hands caressed over her waist and hips to finally rest on her rear and he pulled her naked body against his. Elmo captured her lips, kissing her passionately, wanting to give and take the greatest pleasure.


Julie fumbled between them, reaching for Elmo’s loongsleeves to remove his clothing. With each caress, Julie relaxed and became more comfortable with Elmo’s desire for her. When she leaned forward and kissed his skin, his hands automatically slid over her waist to feel her soft skin.


Having just made his decision, Elmo lifted her into his arms determinedly. He kissed her passionately on the mouth and carried her to their bed.


Elmo tenderly pressed his lips to hers. “I love you, Julie.” And then he quickly toed off his shoes.


As he deepened the kiss, his tongue probing into her mouth, the passion reignited through his body.


He pulled back, shifting his weight off of her. “Julie?”


She turned her face lazily towards him with a smile of contentment. “Hmm?”


"Okay lang ba sayo to?"


“I let you. Okay na bang sagot yan sa tanong mo?”


He smiled in relief, wrapping his arms tightly around her. “I love you so much.” He mumbled into her hair as he held her close.


Julie suddenly paused when she had noticed where ‘it’ was leading.


“Moe, wag pala muna ngayon.”




Julie lay curled at his side drawing lazy designs on his chest with her fingers. “Sorry kung hindi pa ako totally ready ngayon.”


He pulled her closer to him and then he kissed her forehead. “Okay lang yun, kahit kiss lang okay na talaga sakin.”


She smiled. “Oo nga pala, bakit mo nasabing sexy ako sa robe na yun?”


Elmo chuckled at the question. “You have to ask that after what happened tonight? Your robe started it all.” He turned on his side facing her and encircled his arms around her. “Actually-" He whispered as he nudged his nose against’s not what you wear that makes you sexy. It’s the woman you are, the woman I love.”


Julie studied Elmo’s face as he spoke to her, seeing the deep love and trust he had in her. His eyes reached deep into her soul and touched her heart. She gasped with the intensity of his gaze.


Then Elmo smiled teasingly.  “But I think I like you best in this.” He said, glancing down at her body.


Julie looked down at her body to see what he might be referring to. She had

nothing on, of course, except the sheet that draped over them. She looked

back up at Elmo. “Ang baboy mo.”


He cutely looked at her and said. “I baboy you too.”




To be continued…

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