My Groom, My Bride: Chapter 5


5am narin ng makarating silang dalawa sa bahay ni Elmo. Pareho silang pasuray-suray sa paglalakad habang nagtatawanan. Bago sila umakyat ng hagdan ay binuhat na ni Elmo si Julie sa pormang bagong kasal.


“Anong ginagawa mo?” nagtatakang sambit ni Julie.


“Ginagawa ko lang ang dapat na ginagawa ng groom sa bride.”


“Hahaha! Oo nga pala.” Ipinakita niya ang singsing na nakasuot sa kanyang palasingsingan. “We did something stupid tonight.”


Napapangiti lamang si Elmo habang tinitingnan niya si Julie. “Wanna do another stupid thing tonight?”


Game." She told him.



Dumiretso na sila sa kwarto ni Elmo. Masyadong madilim doon at ang liwanag lamang na nagmumula sa buwan ang nagsisilbing ilaw nila. Pareho parin silang nasa ilalim ng impluwensya ng alak… pareho parin nilang hindi alam ang kanilang mga ginagawa. Nang mga oras na iyon, alam nilang pareho na kailangan nila ang isa’t isa upang maging… masaya.


“Are you sure you want to do this?”


She placed a pointer finger on his lips. “Ewan ko pero kung kasama ito sa ‘something stupid’ na ginawa natin ngayong gabi. Sige lang.” She giggled cutely.


Julie twined her arms around the back of his neck, pulling his head down so his lips met hers. Her lips brushed feather like against his as her tongue darting out to stroke the corner of his mouth.


With a groan and a fierceness he didn’t know he possessed, Elmo captured her lips in a bruising kiss. With one hand holding the back of her head and the other grabbing her by the waist to pull her close to him, he deepened the kiss, his tongue plundering her mouth.


She returned his passion, surrendering herself completely. He could feel it, the trust she had in him was humbling. Laying her back slowly on the bed, he left her just long enough to remove his clothing. Her eyes darkened with desire at the sight of his naked form. He knelt on the bed with one knee and pulled her up to him. Tenderly, he removed her bridal gown.


His hands caressed her, slowly, teasingly as she growled softly. He kissed her again. He laid her back on the bed once more, joining her, his body at her side. His lips trailed down her neck, sending shivers up her spine.


She had never felt this way before, it was overwhelming. His hand stroked her flat stomach and then moved lower. Caressing her hip and upper thigh, goose bumps formed on her skin as the tingling sensation raced over her body.


Elmo was amazed at how incredibly hot she was. He lifted his head and looked at her. She was so beautiful lying there.


Julie gazed back at him.


Anong problema?” She asked him.


He could see a glimmer of fear in her eyes. She didn’t want him to know.


"Nothing." Elmo said with a reassuring smile. "I just wanted to tell you, you’re beautiful.” He saw the happiness in her eyes that made him smile secretly.


He kissed her again passionately. Her body surged against him. She was lost to his touch. He covered her body with his own. Kissing him again and again, she could taste herself on his lips. It made her insatiable with desire.


Elmo paused, trying desperately to gain control of his needs and wants. He didn’t want to hurt her any more than necessary. He showered her face with kisses, fighting the overwhelming desire to thrust into her. He moved his hips slightly, allowing her time to relax. When he felt the tension leave her body, he entered her completely with one steady thrust. Stiffening at the unexpected pain, she bit his cheek when he sank into her, drawing blood and sending a pleasure through him.


He wanted to stop and allow her time to adjust, but she began moving against him, grinding her hips against his.


There was no holding back for him now, as he felt her respond to him. He thrust into her again and again, reveling in her heat. She was wild beneath him. Surging, straining, and meeting each thrust, her fingertips raked down his back, leaving bloody furrows in his skin. She was caught up in sensation after sensation.


Julie was tearing up at that time because of the unexplainable pain that she was feeling. And to her surprise, Elmo sweetly kissed her pain away through kissing her droplet of tears.


“Elmo…” Julie didn’t able to say her following words because she found her lips again against his.


To be continued…

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